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Standard Life has worked in partnership with Stocktrade to deliver execution only stockbroking solutions to you and your clients for almost 15 years.
Through Stocktrade, you can invest in a choice of quoted shares, government bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) or other securities.
In October 2019 the current owner, interactive investor, agreed the sale of the Stocktrade business to Embark.  
Embark Group is the UK’s leading independent provider of retirement solutions. Backed by some of the largest investment institutions in the world, they power the platforms and pensions of some of the UK’s best-known financial brands including RBS Coutts, BestInvest and Nutmeg, as well as Standard Life. The Embark platform, part of Embark Group, is built on market leading technology.

Stocktrade will be writing to existing clients

Plans are now underway for your clients Stocktrade Account(s) to move to Embark Investment Services Limited (Embark) on the weekend of 29 August 2020.
Account details and login information will remain unchanged. Any additional changes to the login journey will be notified to you and your clients prior to migration date. In the meantime, you can continue using your Stocktrade service as normal.
Stocktrade will be mailing all existing clients week commencing 27 July.

Changes to the service provided
When the service moves it will remain essentially the same as now, but your clients stand to benefit from having access to an updated version of JHC’s Figaro platform and all that it offers. This will bring improvements in stability, efficiency and scalability of the service. It will also provide a more robust base from which Embark can develop for the future.
Embark will not offer trading in any exchange traded overseas investments that cannot be dealt and settled within Crest or Euroclear. That includes Far East, Australian or South African investments. Currently these types of investments incur a supplementary account charge of €485 per annum on the clients account.
You can find more detail about Embark Group and the new Stocktrade service at

Supporting you
Over the last few months, we’ve been helping advisers with in-specie transfers from other platforms to Stocktrade. The transfers are subject to an acceptable current portfolio of shares, Sedol/ISIN for each stock currently and confirmation in advance from your Business Manager.  
If you’d like to hear more about how we can support, please contact your Standard Life Business Manager for more information
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