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Beneficial ownership of trusts

As you’re aware, laws are in place requiring certain trustees to maintain an internal register of beneficial ownership. Recently, more requirements were added, and trustees must now register their trusts on an external central register. This applies to existing trusts, and not just trusts created in the future.
The Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Trusts (CRBOT) is designed to improve transparency of ownership and control of trusts, and it is maintained by the Revenue.
The Revenue eBrief in July set out the legislation and requires that trustees must register their trust details online at www.revenue.ie/en/crbot. This includes bare trusts created for the benefit of your clients’ children or grandchildren invested in our Synergy Investment Bond and Synergy Regular Invest, and also general trusts set up to leave your clients’ policy value to beneficiaries after your clients’ death. (There are certain trusts that don’t need to be registered, for example, pension scheme trusts). 
If you haven’t already done so, please remind your trustee clients of their obligations to register their trust. For more information, requirements, FAQs, including how you can become a Trust Register TAIN, visit www.revenue.ie/en/crbot.
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