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Q2 impact fund update
We have a number of MyFolio reports for you and your clients which are updated on a monthly basis.
The most popular with advisers are the latest fund reports, there is one for all 10 MyFolio funds and the monthly range bulletin for both MyFolio Active and Market.
MyFolio Active                         MyFolio Market
Latest Fund Reports                      Latest Market Fund Reports     
MyFolio Active I                      MyFolio Market I
MyFolio Active II                     MyFolio Market II
MyFolio Active III                     MyFolio Market III
MyFolio Active IV                     MyFolio Market IV
MyFolio Active V                     MyFolio Market V
Monthly Range Bulletin These reports are updated each month and can be found on the MyFolio Lookthrough Tool on Brokerzone. 
MyFolio Lookthrough Tool
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